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Zero automation. 100% Canadian!

Transcription of dictated files should be done correctly, cost effectively and quickly using safe information handling policies and procedures. That is exactly what SSI offers! Our philosophy of building a relationship with clients for success is key as we choose to be the permanent transcription solution. There is no call server to submit dictated files to and have them transcribed/edited by someone in a foreign country. Our process is very transparent:

  1. Dictate your voice file in any digital format using a handheld digital dictaphone, smart phone, tablet...
  2. Upload your dictated files to your transcriptionist via Sherritt Services Inc's secure file transfer station online (or have your staff do this, all training provided by SSI cost free).
  3. Your dictated files will be transcribed and final proofed for completion within 48 hours directly in your EMR charts, or onto your letterhead and sent back in electronic format to be organized by your staff.

Sherritt Services Inc. uses all the most modern methods of communication and file transfer. Your individual project will always be edited and transcribed by your project's team, which allows for a bond to be built, macros and abbreviations will always be understood, you can even dictate instructions and add sentences on the fly because there is a human professional listening and working with you, not a program. On top of that, every document/note/line typed is proofed by our editors before being marked for completion; guaranteeing accuracy and final product quality.


  • Infrequent Urgent letters can be done immediately with no extra charge, using our standard 48 hour completion time pricing. Ask and we can help!
  • Flat rate fee per typed line, no binding contract, no monthly minimum, no maximum line count, easy auditing and cost/usage breakdowns available.
  • Sherritt Services Inc. is 100% Canadian! Confidential patient information will never be accessed or viewed from anywhere outside our amazing country's borders. Can your current transcription company say that?

Sherritt Services Inc.

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