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An 8 Module Course learning from trusted providers of medical billing services. 


COURSE TITLE: Alberta Medical Billing



  Course Outline

This is an 8 module self directed and evaluated course. Click to review a more detailed description

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Learn ways your clinic can directly benefit from having a skilled medical billing professional at hand. 

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Billing Module Descriptions

 Module 1

$690 + GST
SOMB overview and Governing Rule overview, definitions, applications, category code overview (20 hours estimated)

 Module 2

$330 + GST
Fee Modifiers (4 hours)

 Module 3

$330 + GST
Time Premiums (4 hours- estimated)

 Module 4

$330 + GST
Rotational-Nonrotational Duty (4 hours- estimated)

 Module 5

$330 + GST
Inpatient (4 hours- estimated)

 Module 6

$330 + GST
Long Term Care/Assisted Living/Lodge (4 hours- estimated)

 Module 7

$330 + GST
Explanatory Codes (4 hours- estimated)

 Module 8

$330 + GST
Medical Bulletins/Facilities/Functional Centres  (4 hours- estimated)




Evaluation of Course

This is a self-directed course with no mark or certificate outcome. Successful learning outcomes based on individual learners best ability.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You have access for one year from date of module purchase.

Currently there is no accreditation in Alberta for a medical biller. However, taking all 8 modules in this course will give you all the information neccessary to start your medical billing career.

It gives you a detailed oversight to be able to begin basic billing for physicians in Alberta.

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